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Processed Food & Beverages Sector

Food Processing NCII

A short course that will train you in food processing procedures, basic steps of food handling, and operating food processing equipment.

Program Goals and Objectives

At the end of 552 hours/92 days of training, trainees will be able to:

  • Develop their capabilities (knowledge, skills and attitude) in FOOD PROCESSING (FOP) NC II in accordance with industry standards, including following relevant environmental rules and regulations;
  • Strengthen the core competencies to process foods by salting, curing and smoking; process food by fermentation and pickling; process food by sugar concentration; and packing the processed food and operating simple packing equipment;
  • 90% of trainees enrolled in FOP NC II should have graduated;
  • 100% of the graduates should have undergone the national competency assessment;
  • 86% of those who were nationally assessed should have been certified; and
  • 75% of FOP NC II graduates should have been employed.